Key handover ceremony

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Key handover ceremony

key handover ceremony

Allow me to offer all the key recipients here today and your families my sincerest congratulations on this new and welcome step in your lives. I know that the last thing you may want to hear at this time is a long speech. I do give you the assurance that I will not be very long. However, as Minister with responsibility for housing and urban development, I must use this opportunity as we come to the end of the Fiscal Year to highlight some of the good work that has been done at the Ministry and at the Housing Development Corporation.

We have been extremely focused on our mandate of delivering opportunities to those citizens seeking affordable shelter, and at times we may inadvertently overlook the importance of informing the public on the progress we have made with our projects and programmes that are all aimed at improving the Quality of Life for you the Citizens. Ladies and gentlemen, I assumed duty as Minister of Housing and Urban Development in March and I am proud to say that since then we have been able to accomplish quite a lot, notwithstanding our economic realities.

I always try to link our policy and these three pillars in demonstrating how they guide the work of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and our agencies. One of the programmes that the last PNM government created was the Accelerated Housing Programme which is a programme geared towards providing Affordable and Accessible Housing to those qualifying citizens who need it most.

Just yesterday, and you may have seen it on the news or on social media, we offered the media a tour of just 5 of our 7 Housing development projects that we have currently under construction on the East West Corridor.

Of these 5 housing developments, we will be able to deliver to you, the Citizens just about units. With approximately quality units to be delivered before the end of the year. In all, across the country we have 23 housing developments in our portfolio that are right now under construction that would add approximately units to our Housing Stock.

And we will complete it with the little assistance that we will get from Central Government, but mainly from the proceeds from our mortgage conversions of LTOs and RTOs. We also have quite a number of housing development projects in the planning stages that we intend to get off the ground using private sector funds under our Public Private Partnership model as well as Joint Ventures etc.

These developments we hope to bring an additional Housing Starts with completion by We do all this wITH you, the home seeker in mind. Because we know what security of tenure means to a family seeking safe and affordable shelter.

And as promised in the Budget Speech of fiscalthe Affordable Mortgage Programmes were adjusted to encourage greater access and greater affordability for persons seeking financing for their home and land purchases. In terms of the last pillar, improving the living conditions of our citizens, we have also been doing a lot.

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For this year, we have provided 44 Emergency Shelter Relief Grants to citizens who would have experienced the harsh effects of flooding, high winds, fires or other hazards.

Our flagship programme at the Ministry, the Home Improvement Grant Programme, has for this financial year, provided over grants to families who desperately needed to improve and repair the infrastructure to their homes.

Through our Squatter Regularisation Programme, we have worked assiduously over the past year on upgrading and improving the living conditions of those Certificate of Comfort holders who were living on state land prior to We have ensured that these developments in designated sites have the necessary drainage, roads, water, and electricity connections through the application of 2 IDB loans as well as government funds.

Areas that have all benefitted from these infrastructure works. Again, you can see, we are working to improve the living conditions and to positively impact the lives of as many citizens as possible so that citizens can live meaningful and rewarding lives in safe and affordable shelter.

The work we are doing in East Port of Spain, through our urban renewal programme also helps to improve the living conditions of the residents there in particular, our Latrine eradication programme. Ladies and gentlemen, by adhering to our Housing Policy and these 3 pillars, we are ensuring that we are able to provide you with options for safe and affordable shelter.

By completing all previously suspended or stalled developments and starting new ones, we are ensuring that our Accelerated Housing Programme continues. And through our Home Improvement Grant programmes and our Squatter Regularisation Programme, we are improving the living conditions and impacting on your Quality of Life.

27th Summer Universiade 2013 - Kazan - Universiade Village key handover ceremony

This Government understands the importance of Safe and Affordable shelter and the benefits that having a home can provide.

In the same way that we have a responsibility, I want you, new home owners to realise that you also have a responsibility. Your responsibility is to honour your financial commitments. Pay your mortgage and your monthly rent on time.

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You see, when you honour your commitments the HDC receives revenue which it can use to construct other developments that would benefit other families seeking affordable shelter. So ladies and gentlemen, as I conclude, Please accept my congratulations on this important life stage. I am sure that the pleasant memories and happiness that you will experience will endure forever.Between your New Home Presentation and the Key Handover meetings, is a great time to start thinking about things like connecting your internet and contacting the shire to get you bins delivered, so things are ready when you pick up your keys.

Celebration Homes does not permit any other works to be completed during construction in order for us to ensure the progress of construction is not obstructed.

Key Handover

Additionally, we must ensure strict Safety and Insurance parameters are adhered to throughout the build process. Love one of our display homes? You can now purchase a display and we will rent it back for up to two years.

See Display Homes for sale. Have you heard about the Government's recent boosts to borrowing capacities and low deposit loans?

Find out why home finance is super easy in and what that can mean for you. Register your interest now. Wanting a private or virtual tour of one of our Perth or South West displays? We are offering private tours of all our display homes by appointment only.

Virtual tours are available for all our displays with our New Homes Consultants able to talk you through the homes. Book Now. Step 1 Before you buy. Step 2 Pre-construction. Step 3 Construction. Getting the keys to your new home really is a moment to celebrate! FAQs Can I get some work done to my home during construction?

Display Homes for sale Love one of our display homes? Four limited time finance boosts announced in ! Home design 3. Display home 8.The Hon. I am very pleased to be here today for this key handover ceremony. To be honest, when I first came here, I was surprised to see these well designed and constructed houses standing so invitingly before me and I told my wife that I would love to buy one for my family.

Now I am happy to learn that many Zambians have moved in and many will move in soon. It is the first large-scale private investment from a Chinese in the real estate sector in Zambia. I was told that the project has already created over jobs for the local people in the construction phase and will continue to generate new jobs through property management. It is, in all, another demonstration of the successful economic cooperation between China and Zambia, which addresses the changing need of the Zambian society, and at the same time contributes to the economic development and unemployment reduction of Zambia.

In this regard, I wish to commend both the Chinese and Zambian partners in this project. China and Zambia maintain a strong and close relationship during the past 50 years, and two countries have become all-weather friends, with mutually beneficial cooperation in all dimensions.

As Chinese Ambassador, I am happy to see that while we have maintained and expanded our strong relations in the political, cultural, educational and health fields, we have seen increasing trade and economic activities between the two countries in recent years. At the beginning of the new century, for example, our two-way trade was almost minimal, now the bilateral trade volume stands at close to 4 billion US Dollars every year.

China's direct investment goes up to over 3 billion US Dollars in just over ten years. The number of Chinese companies increases to over in merely a few years.

The Chinese companies do not limit their business to the mining industry or construction sector, as many people would understand it, but constantly venture into new frontiers in the economic field.

key handover ceremony

They now engage themselves in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, banking, tourism, catering and hotel business, creating thousands of jobs to the local people. Moreover they have brought with them successful experiences in China and are experiencing new modes our cooperation with their Zambian partners.

These new developments do not come without a reason. In my view, they reflect the vitality and dynamism of the Zambia's economic development in the recent years, and show the huge potential of cooperation between China and Zambia. I wish you will continue and expand your cooperation and partnership in the housing sector, so as to contribute more to the improvement of the living conditions of the Zambian people and to the economic and social development of Zambia. As you all know that H.

President Edgar Lungu made a successful state visit to China last March, which ushered in a new era of cooperation between the two countries.Regardless if you are getting a new BTO or resales houseyou must be very excited to open the house immediately once you collect the key, but wait… you must have heard of elderly telling you that you need to perform some ritual before opening the door and you are now confused what to do next.

Choose an auspicious date and time for the open house ceremony you can use this online calendar or a yearly almanac Tong Shu from bookstore — ensure that the day is an auspicious day and the zodiac does not clash with you and your spouse.

If you have any immediate family members that wish to join you, make sure that their zodiac does not clash too, but do not allow any outsiders to join in.

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This symbolises the continuation of prosperity instead of ending it in the trash can. Step 3: After that before stepping into the housesprinkle the mixture into the house to indicate the commencement of the ritual. Step 4: Next, after entering the new house and still facing in the house from the main door. Start from your right side, follow the route and sprinkle the mixture at every corner of the house.

Including the living room, all the bedrooms, store room, maid room, kitchen, toilets and service yard and etc. Step 5: After going a complete round of the entire house, you will reach your main door again. When you reach this point, grab a handful of the mixture and sprinkle it out of the house to indicate the end of the ritual.

This also symbolises dispersing all the inner negative and Yin energy out of your new house. Step 6: Go out of your house and close the door. Come back again after 2 hours to open the door again. Auspicious Wedding Dates for is Out! Are you planning for your big day, like ROM or customary wedding for year ?

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If yes check this out! We hate spam, too! Search for:. Never miss a chance to get connected with our latest updates.The coming months will see the furnishing and final touches on the rooms, enabling various departments and companies of Axel Springer SE to begin moving into the new building on the site of the former newspaper district and along the former wall beginning in spring The new building, which is located in close proximity to the existing Axel Springer high-rises and the Axel Springer Passage, will accommodate some 3, employees with over 52, square meters of space.

To date, everything has been completed on time and on budget. The always-constructive and collaborative spirit as part of a team with Axel Springer and all project partners was decisive in ensuring the success of this highly complex construction project. Like the spectacular and innovative architecture, the execution of the new Axel Springer building was also exemplary in terms of the advance of digitalization in the construction sector.

This building is a flexible tool for an organization in transition, and we will follow with great anticipation and high hopes how Axel Springer breathes life into the building in the years to come. After the symbolic key handover, the coming year will be dedicated to opening the new building for business. Axel Springer will celebrate the official opening and inauguration of the new office building with a series of events highlighting both an awareness of the historic significance of the location and an eye toward the future of the company.

Up-to-date information, photos and videos of the new Axel Springer building are available at www. Press Contact Corporate Communications sa lt bi be ne au. Press Contact Corporate Communications ve gs re pm na zo.

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Key Handover

Newsroom Ed. Copyright: Axel Springer SE. Sabine Appel. Verena Claasen. Axel Springer symbolic ke Axel-Springer-Neubau, Ber Size 1.The project is located at one of Pune's prime location. Key Hand over ceremony of Project Sapphira as on 19 Nov, This residential project is located at the serene locale of. Any redevelopment project is a difficult undertaking indeed. These projects come with an emotional attachment that the residents have developed.

We had a key handing over ceremony for our redevelopment project, Ishkrupa, located on Prabhat Road, on 21st February The Key handing over ceremony of the much awaited project, Jivhala, was held on 16th October The site engineers. On 3 MayPandit Javdekar held a key handover ceremony for their project, Saee. Located in the upmarket area. Harikripa, a redevelopment project by Pandit Javdekar, was handed over to the owners in a ceremony held on 15th February. The key handover ceremony of our project Neelam took place on 22nd March This project, located in Model Colony.

We, at Pandit Javdekar, were thrilled to share the joy of our customers at the key handover ceremony of our. The key handover ceremony of our redevelopment project, Swasti at Prabhat Road, took place on 1st February It was a joyous.

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key handover ceremony

The key handover ceremony of project Sapphira, Model colony. Handing over ceremony of project Sampadan, Prabhat Road. The key handover ceremony of Ishkrupa. Key handover of Jivhala.

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Handing over Saee to the home-owners. Handing over Harikripa. Handing over Neelakunj.

Newsroom Ed. Züblin AG / STRABAG AG

Posted: January 13, The key handover ceremony of Neelam. Coming home to redevelopment — Krupa key handovers. The key handover ceremony for Swasti.I would like to write a letter of hand over or transfer of documents and all of my accountability to the new documents controller. Ask a Question. Hi Good day. Please help or can someone give a sample letter? We enclose herewith a list of fixed assets refer to Appendix Ia set of office keys and 16 pieces of Company access cards for your attention and retention.

We trust the above is in order, should you have any queries, kindly contact the undersigned. Kindly acknowledge receipt by signing to confirm the acceptance of the above said fixed assets and returning the duplicate copy of this letter.

Thank you. We are not a letter-writing service. I you would like to write the letter yourself and post it here, one of our members may suggest corrections.

Enclosed herewith please find a list of fixed assets refer to Appendix Ia set of office keys and 16 pieces of Company access cards. We trust the above is in order. Should you have any queries, please contact the undersigned.

Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies. Thank you benita. You're welcome. Here i am going to handover AFFF material to my client company which i have purchased as per company requirements, so please help me how to write a material handover letter to the company. Site Hint: Check out our list of pronunciation videos. Removable material hand over to the department. Good Evening! Thanks a lot! Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?

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